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We believe a building should be more than just an address but a home full of vibrancy and life. By bringing a fresh, customer-centric approach to managing buildings, we’re improving the way people live.

How it all started

Our Co-Founder and CEO Yotam lived in a great building where neighbors trusted one another and lived in harmony. They exchanged spare keys, walked each others’ dogs, and worked together to improve their building.
Then, he moved to a building that was ... well, not so great. Neighbors constantly fought and nothing ever got done. Like many, he joined the board in hopes of making a difference, only to become frustrated by antiquated systems and unresponsive property managers.
He started thinking. Why is one of the most important assets in our lives - our homes - so often run with such a lack of care? What if there was a new kind of management, one that focused on people too, rather than just the building? What potential could be unlocked?

And so, Daisy was born.

Our values

Start with heart
We believe that people are at the heart of every building and company. We genuinely care about our customers and team members, and we go above and beyond to build lasting, meaningful relationships.
Change the game
We’re doing something no one has done before. We're solving problems that impact people’s everyday lives by rebuilding a broken industry. This means believing in ourselves and not being afraid to take risks - even when some call us crazy.
Always evolve
We believe in constantly learning and evolving. We foster a strong culture of constructive feedback. We believe mistakes are growth opportunities. We push ourselves to be better today than we were yesterday.
Positivity begets positivity
We believe kindness, a smile, and always assuming the best intentions from everyone has a network effect, and that positive attitudes create the best working and living environment.

Our team

Meet our never-say-never team of
industry experts
building managers
compliance experts
project managers
finance experts
awesome people

The future of building life

Technology continues to change our lives for the better, from the way we order food to the way we travel. We believe the same should be true for how buildings run.

We're creating the technology to connect every aspect of building life through one system. Imagine interconnected sensors and automations - from lighting to heating - that take your building to the next level. Imagine using data-backed solutions to keep your building one step ahead. Imagine a better living experience where everything you want is just a tap away. The future of buildings is autonomous buildings - and we're leading the way.

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