Buildings run better on Daisy

Buildings are healthier with our connected end-to-end management. You save time, money, and headaches.
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Building operations of the future

Empowered onsite staff
Your building staff is a part of our team. We give them the tools to excel at their jobs.
Preventative maintenance
We avoid costly problems through digital monitoring and proactive inspections.
Connected vendor network
We're dedicated to providing you the best service at the best price.
Chat with us via our app
From daily tasks to building emergencies, we’re always here for you.
What Daisy is doing is revolutionary. They support supers too, which is crucial for buildings to run properly.
Bojar B, Resident manager

Guidance you can trust

Financial strategy and planning
We’ve got you covered, from the day-to-day to your building’s long-term financial health.
Short and long-term CapEx and OpEx budgets
Bank account, income, and expenses updated daily
Tailored assessment and maintenance increases
Delinquency metrics and planning
Advanced control processes for data and financial accuracy
Capital project planning and management
We lead your building’s biggest projects - overseeing every detail and identifying savings wherever possible.
Dedicated project manager
Financial planning
Vendor negotiation
Bids with comparison charts
Status updates
Never worry about violation oversight again. We keep your building up to code.
Building audits
Compliance calendar
Proactive maintenance planning
Violation tracking and resolutions
I'm impressed with the work ethic and commitment of the compliance team. They stay calm under pressure too.
Vivek B, Board Member
Greener buildings
We make your building more efficient and compliant with forward-thinking energy solutions and strategies.
Smart monitoring systems
Efficient alternatives
Energy audits
Local law 87 and 97 planning
Financial support opportunities