The transition to Daisy was seamless, everything went perfectly.

Olivier, Board President
Switching property management companies doesn't have to be stressful. We start working for you right away.

Your building will be in better shape before you know it

Our switch process is like a physical for your building.
System modernization
We organize and digitize your building documents in one place.
Building analysis
We conduct a full building health assessment.
Maintenance planning
We establish a data-driven plan based on your building's needs.
Vendor audits
We renegotiate existing vendor contracts or identify better ones.
Smart CapEx planning
We develop a strategy to improve your building's long-term health.
Compliance calendar
We stay ahead of deadlines for filings, assessments and more.

Our process is a well-oiled machine

Hundreds of tasks are completed. We take care of them all.
Kick off partnership
Coordinate with prior management
Organize financials
Set up electronic payments
Communicate with residents
Develop building strategy
Review and negotiate contracts
Onboard onsite team
Owner & resident meet & greet

Let’s partner together
and make your building even better